I´m a curious person, always looking for adventures and new ways to discover our world. I chose to move to educate myself as an actress in Denmark instead of Sweden. I got my diploma from the International Jacque Lecoq – education at The Commedia School in Copenhagen in May 1998. I feel happy just by the thought of all the laughters in the nature of this physical acting school. I have an educational mix of physical theatre, method acting, a Bachelor degree in theatre dramaturgy and Master courses in acting from The Danish National School of Performing Arts (DASPA) and Stockholm university of the Arts.

Since I started my career in 1998 I´ve been working with all kinds of theatre, film and television work. From touring with children theatre to Cirkus, to The Royal National Theatre in Copenhagen and the Pacific Resident Theater in LA. In front of the camera, I´ve been a police officer in Irene Huss, been dubbing childrens television and played the female lead in the movies: Miss Julie (Danish Television 2008), Cecilia (Dolly Pictures / Sweden 2009) and in Running through life (Denmark 2014).

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