I have a small,physical part in the new Netflix serie Ronja The Robber’s daugther. https://youtu.be/7BOttodMzzU?si=nAWww3Cu-Hdyx8CD



I have a small part in the beautiful short Torn (Eng) called Splittrad in Swedish. You can watch it on SVT Play. I also have a smaller part in the crimeshoe Codenamer Annika on Sky Show.



A new year has started at the Calle Flygare theaterschool. This autumn I have three different courses devided to four classes. I have movement I and II and devising II and Just love my work. I feel so grateful to feel I am at the exakt right place in my life right now, both professionally and private.


This spring I’ve worked with the students at Calle Flygare Theaterschool in Stockholm in different courses, just started the last one in Devising I.

I´ve also worked as a gardener from time to time with my friend. So fantastic to be outside during springtime in Sweden. I’m grateful and happy to be able to work with so many different things in life that gives extra energy. Freedom!


2022 was filled with surprises. I got the opportunity to shoot some smaller productions in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, all coming up during 2023.

And I am very happy to continuing to teach at Calle Flygare Theater school in Stockholm. I will teach in acting techniques and Devising I.

I will also teach in movement for actors at the one year acting course at The Balettakademin in Stockholm.

So grateful! ❤️


This autumn I will teach in movement and devising at the Calle Flygare Theaterschool in Stockholm. I feel so lucky to be part of this creative school with fantastic students!

This summer I´ve been filmning a short movie in Malmö a collaboration with Sweden (SVT), Denmark (Super16) and Jordan. I’ve also har a one day shoot in a crimeserie for HBO Max in Helsinki. I’m so grateful to have worked in front of the camera again. Thank you!

More coming up..


Happy new year 2022!

I´ve got the opportunity to teach  three new courses at Calle Flygare Theatre school during the spring. I´m very grateful since I love teaching young, aspiring actors. It gives me so much joy and inspiration!

I will also direct two upcoming project!


Teaching two different courses at Calle Flygare Theatreschool this autumn starting on August 23rd. So much fun and I´m so grateful!

Directing my play: Ejdra from 2018 at the theatre Dur & Moll: www.durochmoll.se. Re – opening on September the 22th.

Directing a new play about our environment and time with the Sweet Dreams: https://sweet-dreams.se. We´re calling it Time and we´re aiming for opening night later this autumn!


Love the teaching in movement based stagearts, childrens theater and theatre history that I have up until June at the theatreschool of Calle Flygare in Stockholm. Every lessen gives me happiness and new ideas. The aspiring young actors and actresses are a total joy to work with!


Teaching young aspiring actors in movement based stagearts at Calle Flygare Theatreschool and loving it! So inspiring!


It’s been a crazy and very different autumn. We’ve recorded and edited some digital Christmas Cards for Teater Dur & Moll. You can watch them here:


I’ve also had the opportunity to work with students at Calle Flygare Teaterskola, which I love. And I’ve been dubbing. Let’s see what the spring has in mind.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2021!


Looking for work as an actress, director and actingcoach. Working on two directing jobs and are waiting for some other projects. I’m flexible with my time!


Baby Eddie is a year next week. Time flies! I’m available for new theatre and filmprojects from August. And if you need an acting coach, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Available for new projects from mid March!



Waiting for exciting news about a tv- thing. Directing a new play for https://sweet-dreams.se in the spring!


I gave birth to a beautiful little daughter in July. Besides taking care of her I’m working with speaks and preparing some upcoming directing work at two different theaters. Exciting times!


Dubbing a new sit – com for Netflix at Eurotroll, Sweden. So much fun!

Having a small part in the new crime serie Top Dog, shooting mid March.

New voice over job for Pretty Productions in the end of February. Thank you!


Playing the role of Michelle in Antonio Tengroth’s short movie: “The Supporter”.


New agent

I have a new agent/management. Please contact Malou Schultzberg or Jonas Tallroth at


In Sthlm

The Summer has been beautiful, quite warm and lovely. I´ve spent a lot of time studying normcritical pedagogics.. very interesting. I´m gonna teach the acting students at Calle Flygare Theatreschool in normcreativity this autumn, which I am looking very much forward to – is really a subject in motion and I learn new things all the time.
I will also teach in drag/queer and storytelling at The Boulevardtheatres theatreschool and of course I´m always looking for new opportunities as an actress and a director.


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