Coaching & Workshops

I can coach and teach in disciplines like:

Basic acting studies
How do I come in on stage. Be light, be open minded, don´t be pretentious. Acting is about learning how not to act.

Queer and – Drags
Find your inner man/woman. What do I find within myself when I´m working with gender? Who am I as the other gender and how do I behave as this other character/person?

What is norm? Who is norm and why? Different exercises will help the students to find out about the power in the room. Who has the power? Who gives it away? Who takes it? Who does not want it? And how does this effect the others in the room and on stage?

How do I start an improvisation and how do I develop a story without dropping it along the way?

How do I create an autistic and believeable character on stage? How do I use my body? How do I walk. Sit. Run.Laugh. Etc.

How to make a mask come alive on stage.

How do I find my inner vulnerability to be able to be a thruthful clown character? How to work with comedy – what is comedy?

I also coach actors or directors that feels stuck in their creativity and needs an extra eye to give some new perspectives of the work and the process. I work fast and have a very wide range of creativity that often is activated as soon as I get the chance to see the process in mind.

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